Tuesday, November 22, 2011

4th Grade Poetry Slam

In the 4th Grade Poetry Slam students are presenting their poetry pieces using PhotoStory.
Each 4th grader wrote a poem and was then assigned the task of demonstrating the poem with video. Upon completion of this task comes the Poetry Slam! Man, was it good!
4th Grade parents and other students in the school attended the Slam to hear and see the wonderful poetry written by the fourth grade students.

1st Grade Utilizing Technology for Everyday Tasks

Ms. Ellis’s students are gaining experience using technology for everyday tasks.
Just like an employee would use modern technology to clock into their daily work, her students are clocking in their day using the ActivSlate to make their lunch choices! This is a very practical skill that will continue to help these students develop good habits and technological skills!

Thanks, Ms. Ellis, for teaching our students a practical skill in their daily routines.

5th Grade TAG students participating in a LIVE Book Study

Rataj’s 5th grade TAG students are working with another campus in a LIVE Book Study. They are creating notes together on a Google Document while chatting about the content of the book. They are about to start video conferencing to verbally discus the book using Google Hangouts in Plus.

Students are engaged and diving into the curriculum to insure their quality participation!

Way to go Ms. Rataj!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Welcome to the Forest North Getting IT Right Blog!

This blog will be used to highlight the exemplary uses of Technology in the classroom at Forest North Elementary. I look forward to seeing all the awesome stuff that our teachers are doing!