Monday, November 5, 2012

Edmodo makes waves

Teachers at Forest North have implemented a new form of communication, instruction, and classroom management into the classroom: Edmodo. With Edmodo, teachers create classes that students join. And, each student is given a unique parent code to give to parents/guardians. With this code, parents can sign into the class, view their child's grades, progress, behavioral badges, and view important notes from the teacher. In fact, with a parent Edmodo account, parents can do more than they could with a regular Website. Edmodo is a school safe form of social networking that teaches students correct behavior on social networking sites--in a safe place. It is designed to look like Facebook, but for education. Most students immediately make the connection between Edmodo and other popular public social networking sites. And, because of that connection, teachers are able to teach students how to be constructive members of the social classroom community.

Ask your child's teacher if they use Edmodo in the classroom. And, if they do, be sure to get your parent code so you can sign up.

Stay tuned for more updates on Edmodo's impact on the classroom!

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