Thursday, December 20, 2012

Forest North: The Movie

On Wednesday, December 19, over 400 Forest North students, staff, parents, and community members gathered to showcase our school's collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication as shown through technology. With only three weeks to prepare, Mrs. Fournier (librarian), Ms. Bell (art teacher), and Ms. Fennewald (instructional technology specialist) created their own song using Audacity. Then, they began to organize permissions, lyrics, themes, ordering, and students through Google Docs. In fact, all communication on the project was done through technology--Google Docs. After viewing a lip dub performance by another elementary school, the teachers decided to take on the challenge of a lip dub. The trio planned out themes for the school while the classroom teachers and staff brought their lessons outside of the classroom to showcase in the video. After four one-take shots of the lip dub, it was complete! Finally, the video was edited using Moving Maker and was uploaded to Youtube.

Librarian, Mrs. Fournier, chose to promote the video through the use of a Smore page. The page was placed on her social media site, blog, eNews, and the school Website.

The final video is part of the Follett Challenge, a challenge that, if won, will earn Forest North $60K in technology and literacy supplies!

Monday, December 10, 2012

LEGO takes Second Grade by Storm

In partnership with National Instruments, Mrs. Rhea's 2nd grade class participated in a LEGO WeDo Education experience. National Instruments loaned the second grade students 13 WeDo building kits and software. 

Students worked in partners to build and program a simple robot. The robot was designed to kick an object in order to tie in with their study of force and motion. The students had to follow multi-step procedural text to build the robot correctly and then, they had to write multi-step procedural text to program the robot to function correctly. This correlated perfectly with the second graders' study of procedural text. 

The students were extremely engaged throughout the building and programming process. They learned a lot about teamwork, following directions and computer programming. Most of all, they had fun!  a great experience and Mrs. Rhea looks forward to repeating it again in the spring with a different LEGO kit focused on building and programming different animals. 

Stay tuned for LEGO updates from Mrs. Rhea's second grade Eagles! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Digital Learning Day and Video Challenge!

Forest North staff and students are pleased to announce Digital Learning Day, a national day of celebration for digital learning taking place on Wednesday, February 6, 2012. Librarian, Kristen Fournier and art teacher, Angie Bell along with ITS, Christy Fennewald are leading the event bringing nearly a dozen technology business men and women to the campus to speak to the elementary students. Leading up to the event K-5 teachers will be gathering superior technology examples from their students to showcase during the entire month of February.

Mrs. Fournier, Ms. Bell, and Ms. Fennewald are also leading Forest North's race to earn more technology and library supplies with a lip dub video featuring the ENTIRE student body and staff. The video will be created in one take on the final day of school before winter break. Each grade level is working diligently to create signs and themes to display their grade's focus on technology and literacy.

We welcome all support in each of these two endeavors to promote technology integration at Forest North. Thank you to the entire staff for a group-wide technology integration effort!