Thursday, December 6, 2012

Digital Learning Day and Video Challenge!

Forest North staff and students are pleased to announce Digital Learning Day, a national day of celebration for digital learning taking place on Wednesday, February 6, 2012. Librarian, Kristen Fournier and art teacher, Angie Bell along with ITS, Christy Fennewald are leading the event bringing nearly a dozen technology business men and women to the campus to speak to the elementary students. Leading up to the event K-5 teachers will be gathering superior technology examples from their students to showcase during the entire month of February.

Mrs. Fournier, Ms. Bell, and Ms. Fennewald are also leading Forest North's race to earn more technology and library supplies with a lip dub video featuring the ENTIRE student body and staff. The video will be created in one take on the final day of school before winter break. Each grade level is working diligently to create signs and themes to display their grade's focus on technology and literacy.

We welcome all support in each of these two endeavors to promote technology integration at Forest North. Thank you to the entire staff for a group-wide technology integration effort!

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