Thursday, December 20, 2012

Forest North: The Movie

On Wednesday, December 19, over 400 Forest North students, staff, parents, and community members gathered to showcase our school's collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication as shown through technology. With only three weeks to prepare, Mrs. Fournier (librarian), Ms. Bell (art teacher), and Ms. Fennewald (instructional technology specialist) created their own song using Audacity. Then, they began to organize permissions, lyrics, themes, ordering, and students through Google Docs. In fact, all communication on the project was done through technology--Google Docs. After viewing a lip dub performance by another elementary school, the teachers decided to take on the challenge of a lip dub. The trio planned out themes for the school while the classroom teachers and staff brought their lessons outside of the classroom to showcase in the video. After four one-take shots of the lip dub, it was complete! Finally, the video was edited using Moving Maker and was uploaded to Youtube.

Librarian, Mrs. Fournier, chose to promote the video through the use of a Smore page. The page was placed on her social media site, blog, eNews, and the school Website.

The final video is part of the Follett Challenge, a challenge that, if won, will earn Forest North $60K in technology and literacy supplies!

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