Monday, March 26, 2012

Campus News Paper Goes Digital

Our student lead campus news paper has gone digital! Students are discovering events, taking pictures and writing articles about them for the campus News Paper! Our students are gaining a lot of real world experiences through this instruction.
Students are honing their academic skills in writing for specific audiences as well as their personal hobby skills such as photography and design layout. Students reproduce this newspaper each grading period with new layout, photos and articles. If you find that the site is down come back soon because it is in the redesign phase.
Check out the publication when you can. You'll see just how awesome our students are!

1st Grade Writing Turned Video

Ms. Ellis' students collaborated to create a video covering the information they learned during a research project.  The students were able to master several TEKS during this project.
They were able to Write Brief Compositions for their speaking parts in the videos. They also gathered evidence from available sources addressing the research question for the video. Both Reading and Writing TEKS were major components to this project.
Due to the success of learning in this project we are already working on more!

Check out our video!