Monday, October 22, 2012

Mrs. James' sight words with doc cams and ActivSlates

Using the "Pumpkin Song," Mrs. James' kindergarten students found sight words from the word wall. However, this activity was completed with a twist--the "Pumpkin Song" was shown via a Samsung Document Camera and students found and labeled sight words with the use of a Promethean ActivSlate. To complete the activity, Mrs. James assigned students sight words to label in the poem. Then, students took turns highlighting and underlining sight words with the ActivSlate. Students were also able to develop motor skills as they navigated the pen on the screen.

One-by-one, Mrs. James called upon excited students to sit up front with the ActivSlate.

With their sight word in mind, students erased previous marks and utilized the ActivInspire toolbar to select their correct writing instrument.

Then, students navigated the highlighter or pen tools to find the correct sight word.

And, when students didn't get it the first time, they always tried again.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Digital Art with Mrs. Bell: The aliens have landed!

Mrs. Angie Bell's 4th grade art classes have been creating digital Aliens by using Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.  Students are introduced to digital photography by taking pictures of their classmates and learning photography skills such as focusing and composition.

Each student took 1 to 3 photos of another student and downloaded them on to the student drive. Once the student pulled up their image, they begin working with Photoshop Elements and were introduced to the Magnetic Lasso tool, and Filters such as: Bloat, Pucker and Warp.

Finally, the students were shown how to use color and to change the color of their image. As Mrs. Bell says, "The scary aliens are sure to cause a fright and a few chuckles along the way!"

Creating a new king of Face:

3th grade will also be using Photoshop Elements 8 to create a new kind of face: a Type Face. 

The students will create cartoon faces using only letters, numbers or characters from their keyboards.  They will learn how to copy, paste, rotate, flip a text box, and make new layers.  By using technology skills and creativity, the students will be able to invent a new kind of face: a Type Face.