Thursday, January 17, 2013

ActivSlates meet Ms. Moore's Math Warm-ups

Third grade teacher, Ms. Moore, has figured out a way to make her math warm-ups a more interactive experience with the help of a Promethean ActivSlate.

Students begin by focusing on one math concept--today it was basic multiplication--for a few minutes at the beginning of math. Ms. Moore began by working out a problem with her ActivSlate while students watched. With the ActivSlate, she was able to move around the classroom while working on the problem.

Next, students got a turn to answer the problems--per Ms. Moore's selection.

Unlike working out a problem on the board or overhead, ActivSlates can be passed around from student to student and work can be saved.

Students took turns working out problems on the ActivSlates while their classmates joined on paper and Ms. Moore offered guidance.

The ActivSlate has become an everyday tool in Ms. Moore's class. It is seamlessly integrated and is an expectation of her students.

Stay tuned for more applications of the ActivSlate in the elementary classroom.

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