Tuesday, February 26, 2013

EdCanvas tells all!

As a side effect of the Edmodo invasion, teachers like Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Rhea discovered EdCanvas, a  great site for creating timelines. Since timelines are one of the TEKS that students are required to fulfill during their 2nd grade year, EdCanvas fit in perfectly, blending traditional with technology.

Within EdCanvas, teachers can form classes where their students can create timelines. This gives teachers the ability to monitor and manage all timelines created.

In EdCanvas, students can create interactive timelines that incorporate text, images, video, and audio. This is a great way to have students record history in a 21st century collaborative fashion.

Check out some examples:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Digital Learning Month Takes Off!

Check out our Digital Learning Edmodo page that features the most creative and innovative technology projects at Forest North during the month of February. The class with the most innovative examples will receive a lesson in a technology project of their choice. Meanwhile, the student with the best display of digital learning will earn a YouTube interview featured on Broadcast.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Digitizing 1st and 2nd Grade

Librarian, Kristen Fournier, is at work again. Recently (in honor of our tribute to digital learning this month), she taught 1st and 2nd grade students how to combine technology with content skills like poetry and shape identification.

Check it out:

Mrs. Fournier taught 1st grade how to use a digital camera. The class went on a shape hunt to take photos of geometric shapes. Then, she taught them how to use a USB/miniUSB cable to download them to a computer.  They loved it!

Today, she also taught all 2nd grade classes how to make spine poetry. They took videos and still photos of it.

It was a great showcase of technology integration in action!

Digital Learning takes Forest North by Storm

On February 6, 2013, Forest North students and staff participated in what will become an annual tradition--Digital Learning Day. Librarian, Kristen Fournier, and Instructional Technology Specialist, Christy Fennewald, collaborated to create a Digital Learning Day to correspond to the National Digital Learning Day. Six speakers--all with jobs in the technology sector--came to Forest North to talk to Kinder through fifth grade students about careers in technology and the skills needed to make those careers possible. Students followed up with direct and specific questions for each speaker. Speakers varied from communication directors and graphic designers to computer engineers and video game creators.

Photo: Digital Learning Day! Woot woot!

With the help of the entire staff, students were given the chance to ask real professionals what digital skills are needed for the workforce of tomorrow.

Next year, Mrs. Fournier and Ms. Fennewald hope to bring in more speakers and extend some of the offerings. 

QR Codes make waves in Art

Art teacher, Angie Bell, is leading the way in QR Codes in Education. Recently, she had her students record themselves talking about their artwork using Vocaroo. With the URL that Vocaroo created, the students made QR codes. Now, with every piece of art work that is hung in the halls is a corresponding QR codes that links to an audio recording of the artist. How cool is that?

Ms. Bell made sure all QR codes were up and functioning in time for Family Night in order to showcase student work.

Check out some of the great examples!

Ms. Bell is just another example of digital learning in action at Forest North Elementary!