Thursday, April 4, 2013

2nd graders take on Movie Maker

Mrs. Rhea's class--winners of Digital Learning Month for the most effective integration of technology--received a day devoted to technology. Per Mrs. Rhea's choice, the class researched how technology impacted recreation, communications, and transportation. Then, they created scripts with the information they gathered and found and saved images from the Forest North Library Databases relating to their research. Next, Mrs. Rhea filmed students with a Shoot n' Share as they recited their scripts.

Using their images, scripts, and videos, the students used Movie Maker to make their very first movies--including transitions, text layovers, credits, and title slides. Students worked in pairs developing their movies. Final movies were exported as WMVs.

Mrs. Rhea took a unit that she typically ended with research and extended it. In the process, students worked on story development, writing, teamwork, and more--through the use of technology.

Great job, second grade in creating your first of many movies!

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