Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stepping into blended learning with Google and Edmodo

Fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Rataj is using a 1-2 combo with Edmodo and Google to create blended learning within her classroom.

Within her classroom, Mrs. Rataj has created a variety of groups for her students to join. Recently, she created a Book Clubs group with several smaller groups for break-out discussions. Students may now have ongoing discussions--with documents, videos, images, audio clips, and more--about their books. Since Edmodo stretches beyond the classroom walls, students are able to bring their book discussions outside of the classroom.

Additionally, Mrs. Rataj provide instruction on topics like the Manifest Destiny and included links on her Edmodo page so students could return to seek more help. Now, students created Google presentations on those same topics and posted them in Edmodo for all to share and comment on. Once again, the discussion is ongoing. 

Kudos, Mrs. Rataj, for bringing educational technology outside of the classroom!

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