Thursday, May 2, 2013

Get ready for a slam of sorts!

Representative teachers from each of the grade-level teams highlighted the technology they currently use in the classroom during the first ever Eagle Tech Slam.

Presentations included:

  • Mrs. StewartJourney North (an online collaborative project dealing with math and science patterns)
  • Mrs. Rhea: Movie Maker (using Movie Maker to present 2nd grade TEK showing how technology influenced recreation, transportation)
  • Mrs. Fournier: Broadcast video editing with Any Video Converter
  • Ms. Rideaux: Edmodo behavioral management with Sokikom (using to motivate students to always give learning a try)
  • Ms. BellQR Codes in Art (using to give a voice to art work so parents can hear students discuss their work)
  • Mr. Martir: Edmodo Uses in the classroom (book clubs) (using to incorporate all learners in the classroom--even those who have moved to other districts)
  • Mrs. Rataj: Energy sources with Smore, Graphing website, and how all were uploaded to Edmodo (using to have students learn the elements used to create a graph after gathering data and recording data)
  • Mrs. Albin: PhotoStory with Kidergarten (using to give connections to books)

And, the winning teachers are:

  • Who is your pick for the overall Eagle Tech Slammer?
Angie Bell--QR Codes
  • Which slam was the most entertaining?
Rachel Albin--PhotoStory
  • Which slam do you feel you will start using quickly?
Bonnie Stewart--Journey North

Great job to all teachers who participated in the Eagle Tech Slam! There are lots of tech integration strategies being incorporated daily into the classroom!

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