Friday, September 27, 2013

FNE Google Invasion

In August, all students in grades 2-12 were given Google Apps for Education accounts. Since August, teachers have been working on ways to integrate Google's collaboration tools into the curriculum. The goal is to prepare students with 21st century collaboration tools so they can be successful in whatever career they pursue.

Check out some of the Google snippets thus far:

TAG teacher, Mrs. Stewart: For the 5th graders' TAG project, they answered questions in a Google Doc in Drive.  When they are finished, they shared it with Mrs. Stewart.  Then, when Mrs. Stewart received the sharing email, she knew they are finished, and could easily view their work and add comments or suggestions.

3rd grade teacher, Ms. Moore: Ms. Moore has her students complete daily work on a Google Presentation Template in their Google Drive. She also shows math problems from the (Aligned Round Rock Curriculum) ARRC in Google Drive on her Promethean Board. Additionally, they use Google Drive to complete their daily checklist.

Librarian, Mrs. Fournier: Mrs. Fournier has created all of her Bluebonnet Accountability and Bluebonnet Quizzes with Google Docs and Google Forms. Therefore, the students, then,use Google Docs and Forms to complete the quizzes and see their results.

3rd Grade teacher, Mrs. Rhea: Mrs. Rhea's class has published their own work in Google Docs and they have accessed a shared file (that Mrs. Rhea pushed out to each of her students' Google Drives) to create avatars for their profile pics on Edmodo.

It's been a Great Google start to the year!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Graphing with the ActivSlate

Mrs. Albin's Kindergarten class recently learned some graphing skills. On day one, students selected an item they wanted to graph. 

Then, the following day, they placed their names in their chosen column. 

Students, then, titled the graph, and counted the items in each column. Next, they made observations regarding the number in each column and the relationship among the columns. 

Students were able to master the teaching point that the class graphed in order to organize the class information. Students, at the end of the activity, successfully mastered the following TEKS: 


Way to go, Kindergarten!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Doing International DOT Day the Google Hangout On-Air Way

On Friday, September 13, 2013, Forest North joined the world in participating in International Dot Day, named after the book, The Dot by Peter Reynolds. Art teacher, Ms. Bell, decided to use a Google Hangout On-Air to create a live feed of the festivities so all classes could tune in from the comfort of their rooms. Ms. Bell joined librarian, Mrs. Fournier, and counselor, Mrs. Peyton, in a Hangout that she broadcast live as Mrs. Fournier and Mrs. Peyton did a live reading of The Dot in the library. Do to space constraints, not everyone could fit in the library. Therefore, a Hangout On-Air was the perfect solution!

Ms. Bell advertised the event across the campus through a Smore, a fancy electronic flyer, she learned about in one of the school's after school tech trainings, Tech Thursdays.

Next year, the teachers plan to use the same concept, but to connect with classrooms all over the world in the Dot Day festivities. What a great example of collaboration and innovation!

Check out the Hangout On-Air here!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Kicking off the new year with The Alphabet Song

Kindergarten teacher, Claire Smith, has started using videos to help engage her students in learning the alphabet and hand motor skills. Since this practice has been successful, Mrs. Smith has also started flipping videos to give her students additional practice with key concepts while at home.