Friday, September 13, 2013

Doing International DOT Day the Google Hangout On-Air Way

On Friday, September 13, 2013, Forest North joined the world in participating in International Dot Day, named after the book, The Dot by Peter Reynolds. Art teacher, Ms. Bell, decided to use a Google Hangout On-Air to create a live feed of the festivities so all classes could tune in from the comfort of their rooms. Ms. Bell joined librarian, Mrs. Fournier, and counselor, Mrs. Peyton, in a Hangout that she broadcast live as Mrs. Fournier and Mrs. Peyton did a live reading of The Dot in the library. Do to space constraints, not everyone could fit in the library. Therefore, a Hangout On-Air was the perfect solution!

Ms. Bell advertised the event across the campus through a Smore, a fancy electronic flyer, she learned about in one of the school's after school tech trainings, Tech Thursdays.

Next year, the teachers plan to use the same concept, but to connect with classrooms all over the world in the Dot Day festivities. What a great example of collaboration and innovation!

Check out the Hangout On-Air here!

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