Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Students teaching students

In Mrs. SanMiguel's first grade class, students completed surveys in order to eventually produce graphs. With the survey data first grade students collected, fourth grade students are teaching the 1st grade class how to make a picture graph using a new Chrome Web App.

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of this exciting partnership!

Pressing Forward with Doc Cams

In Ms. Manack's first grade class, students constantly use their document camera as a way to share their work with classmates. Today, the class featured a student's work during writing time so that classmates could help the student edit her work for punctuation and spacing.

In doing so, students were able to master TEK 1.17 D: Students use elements of the writing process (planning, drafting editing and publishing) to compose text. Students are expected to: edit drafts for grammar, punctuation, and spelling using a teacher-developed rubric.)

The doc cam is user friendly and is a great place to showcase and manipulate student work. Check out their video capturing the editing process.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

4th Grade Collaborates on Google Presentations

Fourth grade teachers, Mrs. Talley, Mrs. Koester, and Ms. Ellis, are using Google Presentations as an assessment tool for their students after studying various tribes. After researching a variety of tribes, students collaborated on Google Presentations. Students learned the basics of sharing a Google Document while learning how to collaborate and work as a team.

Stay tuned for examples of student presentations. In the past, students have created presentations with PowerPoint. However, this year, they were able to work on the same presentation at the same time, work from any location, and access more media.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Edmodoizing First Grade

Students in Ms. Matuschak's first grade have started using Edmodo as they begin their learning about data and graphs in math. Students applied their knowledge of voting by participating in an Edmodo poll to determine their favorite read aloud book this year.

Students were excited to see the results update on the page, as they kept up with how many votes each book got. This data will be organized into graphs created by the students. As the unit continues, these first graders will generate their own polling questions to use as authentic data. Students will use this data to develop their skills of graphing, and interpreting graphs for real purposes!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Google Invasion Continues

Forest North teachers continue to go Google this year as all students in grades 2-12 have Google accounts.

The third grade teachers - Mrs. Rhea, Ms. Pearson, and Ms. Moore - are creating all of their unit maps and are uploading lesson files to Google Drive to facilitate collaborative planning. They have also created a third grade Google Calendar to keep track of their unit dates, when common assessments are to be given and to remind them of things like who's doing  homework this week and what each teacher's duty is. These simple integration steps have allowed them more time to spend on learning and student help.

In 5th grade, Mrs. Rataj and Mr. Martir had their students create Google Presentations on their Drive to share their strengths and learning goals for the year. It was a way for them to have a student led conference with their parents. All students shared their Presentations last week and they went really well!

The second grade team - Ms. Johnson, Ms. Savaovong, and Ms. Burns - is using Google Drive to create their unit maps in order to make collaborating easier. Ms. Johnson has used Google Drive to share documents with other second grade teachers in the district who were interested in seeing their unit maps. Additionally, Ms. Johnson has used Google Drive to collaborate with teachers outside of the district. In fact, she has collaborated on a couple of unit maps and lesson plans this year with her former student teacher (who is now a second grade teacher at another district). Now, the teachers can type and chat at the same time. The collaboration has been helpful to the other teacher as a first year teacher and she is very appreciative of the support. She has been able to share new things with her team and has sparked some changes in instruction at her school. Likewise, Ms. Johnson's plans for a specific lesson were stronger because they brainstormed ideas together through Google Drive.

The TAG fifth graders are participating in the Global Read Aloud. They are using a collaborative Google Document to answer questions and share thoughts about what they are reading.

Stay tuned for more updates on Forest North's Google Adventure!