Thursday, November 21, 2013

Google Forms to vote on writing topics

Second grade teacher, Mrs. McCollum, wanted to give her students a voice in choosing their non-fiction writing topics. And, she was able to use Google Forms to produce a quick and easy survey for her students to complete. The data was, then, sent to a spreadsheet for Mrs. McCollum and her students to review.

Though simple, it was a great way to give students a voice and discuss data, graphs, and information organization.

Turning Spreadsheets into Flashcards

Third grade teacher, Mrs. Rhea, is excited to learn just as much as her students. Recently, she implemented a new tool,, to turn Google Spreadsheets into flashcards.

Her students have an ongoing list of multiplication facts they have studied. She used that list to generate electronic multiplication fact flash cards for her students. Now, her students can go to the link and they can review their facts any time.

Here's her first creation:

What a great way to reinforce math facts!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What is Forest North doing after the Google Ninja Academy?

On November 2, 2013, over 500 teachers gathered at Round Rock High School to learn all things Google and to collaborate on ways to improve student learning. Since the conference, Forest North teachers have already implemented new strategies and ways of utilizing Google Apps for Education.

Special Education teacher, Ms. Rideaux, is using a Google script called Flubaroo to help speed up the grading time and offer her students immediate feedback. With this simple tool, students know how they performed and are able to make revisions immediately.

Interventionist, Mr. Braudrick, is using the app Movenote. He has recorded short lessons that the kids can refer to when they need help. This allows students to watch the lessons as many times as needed until they "get it."

Support Specialists, Ms. Hansen and Ms. Guthrie, are making forms for our teachers to use to get processes going in their LID world. They are adding them to a Google Site that they created this last week. This allows for easier data management and for quicker feedback.

And, Special Education teacher, Mrs. Shetty, has started having her students use Google Drawing to create personal invites for the student celebration on Thursday. They just inserted one image, one shape, and one text box with some words. Though simple, the activity called upon a variety of skills. Other teachers have used Google Drawing to create mindmaps and to brainstorm before or after reading.

It's been a great start to Google Ninja Academy implementation!