Monday, December 2, 2013

2nd Grade Celebrates Thanksgiving 21st Century Style!

In honor of Thanksgiving last week, several of the second grade classrooms produced paper slide videos and Google Presentations to share their thanks with the world.

In Mrs. McCollum's class, students drew pictures of people, things, places, etc. that they were thankful for. Then, students wrote words to correspond to their slides. These words became their script. Using the in-class document camera as a video recorder, students placed their pictures under the document cam and narrated the "slides" with their words. At the end, Mrs. McCollum saved the video and placed it on her Website for the world to see.

Additionally, Mrs. Johnson's class made a Google Presentation of the things, people, places, etc. that they are thankful for. Mrs. Johnson created the presentation and assigned each student a slide. With Google accounts, students were able to edit the presentation simultaneously. She, too, has placed the finished product in Edmodo for her subscribers to see.

What are you thankful for?

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