Friday, December 6, 2013

3rd grade Takes Google by Storm

Third grade teacher, Mrs. Rhea, is a Google Ninja in her own right. However, now her students are becoming masters themselves.

Recently, students used the Google Research tool within Google Presentations to research animals and places and costs while presenting the information in a presentation. Though the presentation itself if a common platform, the Google Research tool allowed students to research within the presentation and to search more scholarly sources.

Check out some of the student work!

As a teacher, Mrs. Rhea uses her Promethean board daily for lunch count. Mrs. Rhea uses Google Presentations for teaching all the time. For example, she has started sharing the presentations with her students so they can have access to the information at anytime.

Mrs. Rhea also uses Flippity flashcards with Google to help students review math. Then, she posts them to Edmodo so they can view them at any time!

Next week, they'll be using Blendspace next week for publishing our biographies.

Way to go, Mrs. Rhea's class for integrating technology!

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