Monday, May 20, 2013

Gears, Levers, and Pulleys--Oh, My!

At Forest North, third grade students study simple machine in Science. Ms. Bell, Forest North's art teacher, reinforced the learning by having students create simple machines in Art.  

To create the machines, students used a photograph of their own silhouette and traced it onto a sheet of paper.  Next, they brainstormed an action that could take place in the brain like sneezing, crying, thinking, laughing. After narrowing down an idea, students created a series of events with levers, pulleys and gears.  All of these objects had to be constructed out of paper and glued onto the silhouette.  

The students then wrote a short explanation of the process and used Vocaroo to record themselves reading their artist's statement.  Once that was complete the recording was turned into a QR code and attached to their final artwork.

Ms. Bell effectively integrated both science and technology into an art lesson--a great example of teaching across the curriculum! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Reading music with iPads

Music teacher, Mrs. Hermansen, is using iPads in her music classroom to help students learn to read music. Mrs. Hermansen says, "One of the biggest challenges teaching music is helping students learn the letter names on the staff, in preparation for reading recorder music."

She has used three different iPad apps to make this learning more engaging for third, fourth, and fifth graders. One app, Note Squish, works like a whack-a-mole game, rewarding students with points when they "whack" the right letter names. Another game, Flashnote Derby, simulates a horse race that students can win if they identify enough of the letter names. Additionally, Rhythm Cat, allows students to tap the rhythms that come up on the screen, and win points if they follow closely enough.

All three games work really well under Mrs. Hermansen's document camera, allowing the students to see what's happening on the projector screen. Students take turns playing, and the rest of the class stays engaged by learning from their friends as they go through the game. Students can choose to let the others help by calling out the answers, or they can choose to play without any help. Student learning has been focused when using these games, and students have been polite and encouraging to others while watching their friends take a turn.

Great job integrating, Mrs. Hermansen!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Get ready for a slam of sorts!

Representative teachers from each of the grade-level teams highlighted the technology they currently use in the classroom during the first ever Eagle Tech Slam.

Presentations included:

  • Mrs. StewartJourney North (an online collaborative project dealing with math and science patterns)
  • Mrs. Rhea: Movie Maker (using Movie Maker to present 2nd grade TEK showing how technology influenced recreation, transportation)
  • Mrs. Fournier: Broadcast video editing with Any Video Converter
  • Ms. Rideaux: Edmodo behavioral management with Sokikom (using to motivate students to always give learning a try)
  • Ms. BellQR Codes in Art (using to give a voice to art work so parents can hear students discuss their work)
  • Mr. Martir: Edmodo Uses in the classroom (book clubs) (using to incorporate all learners in the classroom--even those who have moved to other districts)
  • Mrs. Rataj: Energy sources with Smore, Graphing website, and how all were uploaded to Edmodo (using to have students learn the elements used to create a graph after gathering data and recording data)
  • Mrs. Albin: PhotoStory with Kidergarten (using to give connections to books)

And, the winning teachers are:

  • Who is your pick for the overall Eagle Tech Slammer?
Angie Bell--QR Codes
  • Which slam was the most entertaining?
Rachel Albin--PhotoStory
  • Which slam do you feel you will start using quickly?
Bonnie Stewart--Journey North

Great job to all teachers who participated in the Eagle Tech Slam! There are lots of tech integration strategies being incorporated daily into the classroom!