Thursday, January 16, 2014

K-5 Slam Technology!

Students in grades K-5 participated in Forest North's first ever Eagle Tech Slam. Prior to the tech slam, students submitted a Google Form to ITS, Ms. Fennewald, who reviewed and organized the submissions. Students submitted forms on a variety of topics from creating avatars to building video games and Google Presentations. The one common theme: students were responsible for their own presentations from beginning to end. Therefore, it was the first of its kind at Forest North with students teaching students.

And, though the technology was great, students most enjoyed the opportunity to listen and learn from other students and the chance to teach fellow students.

You may watch a clip of the tech slam for grades 3-5 below.

There were two slams - one for K-2 students and one for 3-5 students. Though K-2 students did not present, 3-5 students more than made up for presentations. Check out what presentations took place!

Congratulations and thank you to all of the student presenters in our inaugural Eagle Tech Slam!

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