Thursday, February 6, 2014

2nd Annual Digital Learning Day Celebration Takes Off

On Thursday, February 6, Forest North marked the second annual digital learning day. The day was filled of learning!

At the start of the day, fourth grade students piled in to learn from Mr. Koester about video game design and software engineering. Next, other fourth grade students learned from Mr. Tolleson about graphic design and the design process. First grade students learned from Mr. Kumar who presented on cloud computing while second grade students learned from Mr. England who taught on civil engineering - the waterworks system and the roadway system. Third grade students learned from Mrs. Loy who presented on the app design process while fifth graders finished up the day with a presentation by Mr. Rhea on video game design.

After each presentation, students attended a career fair put on by the fifth grade students. Fifth grade students came dressed as their future career and presented Google Presentations on the necessary steps needed to make it in their careers.

Stay tuned as we post our favorite examples of technology integration to our Edmodo group this month.We will also hold a Hangout On-Air series to bring experts into the classrooms. Lastly, students have been given a list of reading material to help compliment the presentations they learned today.

Check out the first round of digital learning day here!

More updates will follow!

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