Monday, February 17, 2014

First Annual i 3 Tech Fest Connects Parents, Teachers, & Students

Students, parents, and teachers at Forest North, Deer Park, and McNeil held the first annual i<3 Tech Fest at McNeil High School on February 12.

Prior to the event, students, parents, and teachers submitted ideas of topics they would like to teach others in their respective groups. Some students wanted to set up a booth on Scratch to teach other students how to us Scratch while some parents wanted to set up a booth on gaming to teach parents how to get students to create games. Topic suggestions ranged from "Elf Yourself" and Google Calendar to Javascript.

Though quaint, the event connected parents, teachers, and students and gave each a chance to teach and learn. Parents left with an understanding of Home Access and a student-produced app, QuickHAC, that can aide in grade-monitoring. Meanwhile, students learned of a gaming site called Game Salad that features tutorials and other best practices. Parents also left with ideas on how to use Google Calendar to manage family schedules. Stay tuned for more updates from the event!

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