Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Slammin' Digital Stories

Third grade teacher, Mrs. Rhea, and Art teacher, Ms. Bell, teamed forces in order to create a collaborative unit on digital storytelling. While students constructed stories in Mrs. Rhea's class, they constructed the same story - in a different medium - in art.

While in Mrs. Rhea's class, student "experts" slammed different applications that they had learned throughout the year. After the initial slam, the class was given time to meet with the expert slammers and learn more about the apps. And, by the end of class, students chose the app that best matched the story they would tell.

Using Edmodo as the class platform, students were given the following options to create with:

Student slammers slammed the various activities. Afterward, students broke off into groups and spent the remaining time exploring the apps and ways they could use them to tell their persuasive stories.

Over the next week, students will start work on the actual assignment and will present them to the class. All questions and links to their digital stories are in Edmodo for both parents and students to view and collaborate on.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting collaborative project!

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